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1 vIndicated commented Permalink

Thanks for this post Doug. This script helped me when i was dire need, didn't have much jython knowledge & had to defined 3 custom properties on 50+ JVMs. I will always remember this favor :)

2 PYGC_srikanth_annavarapu commented Permalink

can you please let me know where I can find <div>&nbsp;</div>

3 PYGC_srikanth_annavarapu commented Permalink

thanks for the script..

4 G0644 commented Permalink

Awesome script!! I have a multi node environment, do you perhaps have a version of this script that can assist?

5 DougBreaux commented Permalink

@G0644 If you run it on the Dmgr profile, it can set the property for any Server on any Node. The "all" option should get them all. I know I ran it that way initially in a multi-Node WebSphere 6.1 environment.

6 .::yayu::. commented Permalink

Thank for yhe post! Very useful

7 Bill_Chatfield commented Permalink

Thanks! This helped me learn how to automate developer setup.

8 SVnewbie commented Permalink

Hi Doug, Thanks for the script. Lets say I need to update properties on 10 JVMs out of 50 JVMs. Should I manually run the script for the 10 JVMs ?

9 DougBreaux commented Permalink

@SVnewbie, yes, that's what you'd need to do, sorry. Script doesn't currently handle, say, a list of servers or an external file with a list of servers.