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Hi Dave.Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.I appreciated the description of your location in the group photo, I would have had trouble finding you otherwise....grin.What would you say are the obstacles to widespread adoption of AC from your perspective? From my perspective, broader adoption of CBE is fundamental to enabling pervasive Autonomic Computing. One vector for CBE propogating as a common format would be to provide tools for additional languages such as Perl. CPAN (http://www.cpan.org) could use a CBE module to further CBE adoption by encapsulating XML, XSL, and XSLT operations. Having this module would facilitate conversion from any XML format to CBE. This would allow the wealth of Perl applications to quickly join the ranks of CBE fluent applications and thus bring many more systems to the Autonomic fold.cheers.-Ophir

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Ophir, Thanks for your comments. What are the obstacles to widespread adoption of AC? One obstacle is communication - We have to do a better job getting the word out. AC is still one of the best kept secrets out there! Also formal ratification of AC standards is critical, and yes, a broader industry embrace of AC standards such as CBE.What are we doing to drive adoption of CBE? We're working aggressively across IBM and with our business partners to drive adoption and I think we are making pretty good progress(although I would like to see more - faster!) In addition to the IBM product line, we have over 36 business partners that are now committed to either producing or consuming CBE format (you can meet some of these companies at Partnerworld as well as read about it in the press. ( See the press box at http://www-130.ibm.com/developerworks/autonomic )I agree with your suggestion that providing tools for additional languages such as Perl would help speed adoption and from what I understand we are considering this as a future requirement for the AC toolkit. The ability to support multiple interfaces such as PERL or PHP Scripting is clearly important to quickly accelerate the adoption of AC. Thanks - keep those suggestions coming!I think the Generic Log Adaptor in our AC Toolkit is a good example of the kind of tooling you are talking about. We have used it to create 175 log adapters(available on 25+ platforms) that include the most prevalent releases of IBM products as well as other leading industry products such as Linux, Red Hat, Oracle, Windows 2000/XP, SUN/OS, SAP, etc. These adapters enable you to import and parse well over 1000 existing log/trace file formats into CBE format which then gives you that end to end capability. This has really helped in kicking adoption up a notch!

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Bernard, Thanks for your comments. Tech Labs is off to a great start with the AC technologies and it was exciting to see some of the latest capabiliites of your product at the show. I agree that the user group is a great idea!

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