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1 localhost commented Permalink

Very interesting article Dave and congratulations as I've only heard good things about Tivoli.The question I have for you is around the use case for autonomic computing (aka real time infrastructure in Gartner speak): do you think it will gain traction first in the enterprise (where Tivoli is clearly positioned as the market leader) or amongst SMBs (served by a smaller managed services providers such as IPsoft, Enigmatec, Whitestein)?While the ROI may be greatest in enterprise, one can argue that autonomic computing makes even more sense for a company already outsourcing a significant amount of its IT function without the reluctance of relinquishing oversight of its IT function. If so, is this a segment you would want to address?

2 localhost commented Permalink

Ken, Thanks for the feedback and excellent question. It is gaining traction in both actually. However,one can argue that SMB stands to gain the most with tighter margins and less technical staff. I have in fact seen the best results to date in terms of TTV and % savings in SMB implementations that we have done with business partners.

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