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1 localhost commented Trackback

Great !!!

I've just downloaded Expeditor Client & Toolkit. I've been waiting for it for a long time and now it's here.
At first look it's already impressive (should be running some application by the end of the week). If it keeps up to promises it could change a lot of things.
My only doubt is about much will take for partners to grasp it s power.
Anyway great work !!! I'm going to test it on Portal 6.0 soon but I expect to see some sort of WPS 6.0 Fixpack. (It's running in standalone / not managed mode now)
Are you going to write articles on using/deploying Lotus Compontent Designer apps to expeditor ?
There's a lot of new stuff :)
And a lot to learn.
Thank you.

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I look forward to seeing what this can do. Thanks.


3 localhost commented Trackback

Best luck and wishes for this new Blog!

Seeing this lineup of important Lotus engineers is really great! You are now on my blogroll :-)
I hope for frequent postings, after all, you are a big bunch of people :-)

4 localhost commented Permalink

Humpf, great blog. 10 days of life and only one post.

Why have you ever created it?

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