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I followed your guide but could not find my plugin in the local component dialog. can you tell me what step or parameter causes the plugin to endup in the dialog ?

- Thomas

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Thomas, have you added 'allowMultiple=true'? I forgot this first which caused the component not to show up in the dialog. All plugins end up in dialog that implement the extension point org.eclipse.ui.views and define allowMultiple.

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Can you please post the artice on setting up Eclipse to start Notes 8 in a text or Word format? This would let us easily cut and paste the extensive parameters right into Eclipse.


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Howard, this blog unfortunatley doesn't support Word formats. Which pieces do you need as text? The only text you need to enter are the project and view names plus the line "allowMultiple=true" in the plugin.xml.

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Hi Niklas,

I've been trying to get launching Notes 8 from Eclipse working.
Following your examples, I've been able to get a Notes window to come up, and I've been able to run the SODC examples. However, I don't have any of my normal Notes content - no Mail, Calendar, workspace etc so can't try any of the Composite App things.
I note from the console log that the Notes authentication part doesn't seem to be working properly.
I get the following error raised:
SEVERE: An error occurred while automatically activating bundle (509).org.osgi.framework.BundleException: The activator for bundle is invalid........Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:$ILoginModuleFactory at java.lang.J9VMInternals.verifyImpl(Native Method)
Later on there's lots of errors because the authorisation didn't happen.
I've uncommented the settings in notes_plugin_customization.ini as described.
Any suggestions?

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I have installed Notes 8 Beta 1 including the composite applications editor and designer. I am trying to create a composite application, but when I do a Ctrl - N, I do not get the "Blank composite application" template in my list. Am I missing something? I did hear about the composite applications toolkit but I don't know where to get it from.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Anon, the blank comp app template should even show up if you haven't installed Designer or Composite Application Editor. It is not a real template (ntf). So you won't find it on your disk. We call it a built-in template as the '-Blank' entry which shows up at the top of available templates in the Ctrl-N dialog. I guess you have made sure that you use the first public beta (no earlier build) and that '-Blank Composite Application' doesn't show up in the Ctrl-N dialog?

Chris, I've forwarded this error to our security team. I haven't seen this issue. Have you restarted your machine? Sometimes when mail etc don't come up some processes of Notes didn't shut down cleanly.

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Chris, here is a response I got from the security team. Could you check whether rcpbootcp.jar is on the bootclasspath?

"Problems of this nature are usually caused by the rcpbootcp.jar not being found on the bootclasspath. The bootclasspath is setup up by the launcher and the various config files. The command line being used to launch should include : "-Xbootclasspath/a:${rcp_base}/rcpbootcp.jar" , where rcp_base is an Eclipse runtime environment variable set to the location of the plugin."

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Hi Niklas,I'm using the VM arguments as suggested in the setup document. Also rebooted the PC.

Here's my VM arguments - <<-Xshareclasses-Drcp.home=${rcp.home}${install_id}-Drcp.install.config=user-Dosgi.install.area=${rcp.home}/${rcp.home}/${rcp.home}/rcp/${rcp.home}/rcp/eclipse/plugins/${rcp.base_version}/rcpbootcp.jar;>>
My rcp.home variable is set to C:\Progra~1\IBM\Lotus\Notes\framework(Note I changed "C:\Program Files" to "C:\Progra~1" because it causes issues. Not sure if this is contributing to other problems. I've tried explicitly specifying paths instead of using the variables with the same result)
rcp.base_version is
Program arguments are as suggested - <<-personality>>
Using Eclipse 3.2.2 Build M20070212-1330
The start of the Eclipse console log looks like -<<-showsplash><600>>>

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