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1 brenny commented Permalink

So if I was to say Duke sucks, that's not wrong. Because it's just my perspective.

Great first post.
I think there is so much that can be said for consensus building and these approaches particularly as we work more and more with cross disciplinary teams where perspectives are different while looking at the same problem statement.

2 thartric commented Permalink

Great blog Jeff. I think Bran is being a bit harsh on Duke :-)

3 Jeffj2 commented Permalink

Tom, Great point. I certainly am happy that I had the "even when you are wrong, you are right" comment in regards to Bran's Duke comment.

Yes, Bran. You are entitled to your own perspective. Thanks for reading and your feedback. I do agree with your comment on keeping an open mind for all the perspectives does allow for better cross disciplinary team. Great thought. Thanks!

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