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Bob -

Have a look at It's a site that I created to allow anyone to create a virtual cryptex online. You can create one and send it to your frinds. Formulate a message and create a clue, then send it off for others to solve. Hope you enjoy!

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Bob -

It's somewhat disingenuous to say "Leonardo da Vinci is attributed with being the father of the cryptex" when the only person making the attribution is Dan Brown in his novel "The Da Vinci Code" and there is no known evidence that Da Vinci himself designed or even described such a device. While Brown may not have invented the cryptex, he certainly coined the word, and the attribution to Leonardo is just another fictional element of the book.
This may sound like nit-picking but I've noticed a growing tendency in people to gather their "facts" from works of fiction -- check the references to movies and novels in many high school and college research papers to get an idea of what I'm talking about -- that gives me pause. As a respected expert in matters technological, you ought to be scrupulously clear about where your own facts come from.
All this, of course, detracts nothing from the device itself or the legitimate interest in it by gadget lovers such as myself.

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For those interested in the cryptex, you should explore Wonderful works of art. Dan Brown himself has some of these made by Justin Nevins.

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