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1 localhost commented Permalink

Bob, do you have any idea how this stance on Avalon/Indigo squares with Microsoft's previous efforts at standardizing parts of .NET via ECMA?Is this a shift from that, or are Avalon/Indigo somehow different?

2 localhost commented Permalink

I've not heard anything about how or if Microsoft might standardize things in this space beyond what they are already doing (usually with us) in the WS-* area.

3 localhost commented Permalink

i can't see how it would spell the end of Mono. there are credible alternatives for the UI framework in either GTK or QT, and i'm not sure the need for an indigo style messaging bus is there yet in the Mono lifecycle. it's unhelpful from a Mono perspective, to be sure - though i think the drivers for standardizing the CLR and C# are different than those behind Avalon or Indigo - but not a killer, IMO. will have to check in with Miguel and the gang about this.

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