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This is my favorite part in the "Rivals hit Microsoft with new EU complaint" article."ECIS is a front for IBM and a few other competitors who constantly seek to use the regulatory process to their business advantage. When faced with innovation, they choose litigation"Sounds eerily familiar. Where else did I hear of a company that used an organization as a front to effect change? (not that I'm thinking you are.) The only difference here is ECIS seems to be doing it the correct way, through litigation, than unduly influencing legislators or feeding the press with misinformation seeking to tarnish the reputation of an individual.All that aside ECIS has a legitimate issue. Microsoft is known to have a monopoly especially on office software. There are many ways that this monopoly is held, but by far the biggest way is through the locking in the file format. Interestingly enough they could all make this stop by supporting ODF. I predict this won't happen until the 3rd year after Office 12 is released. They'll try to hold out any litigation until then. It will give them time to move customers to either office live or a more subscription based format for their licenses. They will then try to lock-in their customers through subscriptions and not file formats. Well there's my ramblings.Adam Moore

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The Andy Updegrove link you added doesn't work. I think you need http://www.consortiuminfo.org/newsblog/blog.php?ID=2084I spent some time last night reading the Microsoft materials on the EU dispute. It has nothing to do with Office and Open Formats, of course. Assuming that the facts of the matter are being reported accurately enough, it smells more like serious scope creep combined with inadequate work by a reviewer or two.I didn't notice anything of great moment about ECIS in Microsoft's materials, although there is a gripe that the people complaining that the specs aren't good enough are not anyone who really wants to build anything with them.

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Oh, I get it. There are two things going on in Europe right now, one including a new complaint by ECIS. I suspect that Microsoft is more concerned about the 2,000,000 Euro per day fine that is being held over their head. That has nothing to do with Office or ODF. (My previous comment is only on that matter.)

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