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1 localhost commented Permalink

Wikipedia has a policy about spam. Adding lots and lots of external links could be construed as spam. The policy is located at for your viewing pleasure. The first sentance:There are two types of wikispam: advertisements masquerading as articles, and wide-scale external link spamming.You are welcome to make contributions anytime.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Sorry, the URL got snipped. It is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Spam

3 localhost commented Permalink

This will probably remain hidden behind all that ugly blogspam, and besides this is an old post, but I thought I'd make the point that the person who reverted your changes was "just another user". A more experienced user, quite possibly, but there is no notion on Wikipedia of "senior editors" (a "sysop" is more of a "housekeeper" than anything else). Theoretically, no-one has any more "power" on editorial matters than you do.So the best way of finding out why they disagreed with your changes would be to ask - each page has a "discussion" attached, and if you'd justified yourself there, you might have been able to reach a compromise. Or at least you'd have known which previous consensus [i.e. agreed policy] you were going against...

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