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Comments (4)

1 S.M.Babu commented Permalink

Hi Ben,

Thanks for a great article, something I was looking for. In step 5 when I enter "Enter the maximum version "1.0.0", "inclusive".", I get "Unsatisfied constraint: 'Import-Package: com.frb.common; version="1.0.0"'". Could you please help?

2 BenZahler commented Permalink

Is "com.frb.common" the package you created and which you are trying to import? If yes, check the exported packages in the Manifest.MF of the bundle and make sure "com.frb.common" is there and it's exported at version 1.0.0.


3 Jacek_Laskowski commented Permalink

How does it happen that the servlet executes in turn the backend and two SystemOut's are printed out in the console? Could you elaborate on that a bit more? I'd appreciate it.

4 BenZahler commented Permalink

one System.Out is coming from the Servlet and one is coming from the Backend.
Both are custom code I wrote, so you can add as many System.Outs you'd like to.
does that answer your question?

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