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Read this article from Nigel Cheshire, Domino Power, another IBM business partner who confirms the technical observations made by Paul Mooney: http://www.dominopower.com/issuesprint/issue200601/00001706.html

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Antony,It is great to see this resource up and running. It has been posted about on my blog and i will be adding it to the "Fighting FUD" blogroll at http://www.controlscaddy.com/ .Cheers!

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Unfortunately, guys like my network manager are MS bigots. He wants to throws notes mail out and get exchange, leaving us with the databases.Here's his new point: http://www.gsw.com/gsw/home.nsf/COEXLinksAny ideas? I've tried fighting this wave, but I shouldn't have to fight IBM's battles anymore.....

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Please get serious... IBM Lotus is falling back behind Sharepoint Portal... I am not saying that we must go the Microsoft way, but please get serious about J2EE Portal Infrastructure... Rollout Workplace to 100'000 IBM employees to get serious about this. Do it faster. Get more engineers onto this job. Cheers.

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