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1 localhost commented Permalink

If all the products you use are "rock solid" than I doubt we are in the same tool space. My experiences as a developer are with WebSphere, Rational Application Developer, and MQ. There are additional challenges that IBM faces with keeping up with JEE specs(agreed upon and proposed) which perhaps adds to a race to market, and thus product immaturity.
As for Notes I have only used it from a user perspective. While I can appreciate its vision, I am hopeful it follows OS/2 down the golden path.

2 localhost commented Permalink

The software products I use from IBM are in the developer tool space. So I agree I am not comparing apples to apples here. However, I do not believe that this makes my comments about quality of software release invalid.
As for Notes, your correct you didn't say anything about it. It is however another IBM product that I use in my day to day life, that is a more comparable software product to some of MS's offerings. As for what its says about me that I would be specific about my use of the product:
"We think in generalities, but we live in detail” A. N. Whitehead

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