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many customers? how many...

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Most customers that Ive dealt with(mostly enterprise size) are uncertain about moving to SPS 2007 for a lot of reasons including most of the reasons are migration issues from 2003 to 2007.Besides the out of the box functionalities&webparts are not sufficient and they need to be customized.. with what? SharePoint Editor("Improved" FrontPage). Guess what.. for extra fuctionalities you need scripts(JAVA)..
Another side of the coin is Archiving, records management etc..compliancy is another

3 localhost commented Permalink

Antony, i dont think i have read another blog post more bias in my life :) As another commenter pointed out .. where are your facts?
Here are some comments for you and your readers that back the counter opinion:
"So it's possible that customers may have to rebuild all of their Sharepoint Web Parts to take advantage of the new features."
- Totally incorrect. The SPS2003 model is still 100% supported in MOSS 2007. No need to rebuild.
"Did you know that Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 cannot run on .Net 2.0 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/907763) So it's not possible for it to work with the new portal framework included in Net 2.0."
- I dont know of many products that magically work with technology developed/released AFTER the product was released. Certianly not something as fundemental as the runtime. Does a Java 1.0 application run perfectly bug free on a Java v.Next runtime? I dont think so.
"Supports only one language per server or cluster"
- Does anyone still write code in anything other than C# anymore? :) The majority of developers are writing .Net code now.
"Limited development tools for remote deployment"
- Huh? Not sure where you learnt that from.
"beyond use as an Office 2003 document sharing server, most everything else for customer portal services would have to be coded, designed and installed or integrated in SharePoint Server..."
- Again ... you really have not even seen MOSS 2007 have you? Honestly ... if you really think the only thing it does without extra coding is document management then you missed 80% of the product. Collab, Records Management, Enterprise Search, Process management, Portal & BI are all other large peices of the SharePoint value proposition.
I find it strangely odd that you use your blog that "focuses on the technical value, and dispels the myths and FUD introduced by Microsoft around IBM software products" to spread FUD in the oposite direction.
If you are going to position yourself as a FUD buster you ought to do it with facts rather than a one sided opinion. That way people will actually respect your position.


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