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I interpret your question in terms of SOA governance. Do services come from some apriori (generalized, enterprise-wide or industry-wide) schema (Kant), or do they come from the specific local requirements (Hume)?Some people refer to this distinction as topdown/bottomup, but there is an important difference between this distinction and other topdown/bottomup distinctions.

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Thank you for the thoughtful responses. IoD and Richard. IoD, I agree with the need to have the roadmap. My suggestion is that an incremental transformation process defined from a maturity framework such as SIMM (pls see previous blog entry) will provide that roadmap you suggest by defining the stepping stones and transformations necessray to achieve higher levels of maturity as needed.Richard, I would garee with your interpretation of SOA governance. Would you care to elaborate more on the subtleties of the difference between the topdown/bottomup approaches?

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Let it evolve like DNA.The more we put in the DNA, the more restrictive the future generation of SOA will be, the less we put in the DNA the more fragile our SOA generation will be.

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