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1 lillracksingen commented Permalink

The xargs can be quite useful. A slightly shorter alternative to the mount for-loop: <div>&nbsp;</div> lsvgfs datavg | xargs -n1 chfs -A yes <br />

2 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Thanks for the suggestion. I've incorporated into the blog post.

3 cggibbo commented Permalink

When I work on a Redbook, the project leader(s) and editor(s) always change filesystems to file systems. I always think of /etc/filesystems. For example, from the AIX 7.1 Differences Guide Redbook: "Chapter 2. File systems and storage".

4 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Thanks, Chris. That's good to know. I'll use that from now on: "file system" is two words unless referring to the file /etc/filesystems.

5 dxtans commented Permalink

I always use 'file-systems' when writing, but the finished product after the editors knife comes out as 'file systems' <div>&nbsp;</div> I knew learn ! <div>&nbsp;</div> DT