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thanks for reminding me of the cd shuffle! i'd completely forgotten about that over the years. <div>&nbsp;</div> one note though, it is specific to the shell you use i believe, for instance as a bash user i normally use a form of command substitution: <div>&nbsp;</div> / &gt; cd /usr/java5/jre/lib <br /> /usr/java5/jre/lib &gt; ^java5^java5_64 <br /> cd /usr/java5_64/jre/lib <br /> /usr/java5_64/jre/lib &gt; <div>&nbsp;</div> using the carat(^) as a delimeter, you can specify old/new and it's applied to the last command recall... not quite the same as the cd shuffle since it's actually just changing the last command run but what i find myself getting away with. i'm sure there are other ways.. thats what keeps me entertained! <div>&nbsp;</div>