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What is Drupal?

If this is your first time using Drupal, you’re probably trying to answer this
yourself, and you may have heard conflicting answers. Often Drupal is described as a content
management system, whereas other times, it’s called a content management framework. So is
it a system or a framework?
Here’s a simple definition:
" Drupal is an open source software application that manages the content of
and builds websites and web applications. It can be used to create a web
blog, e-commerce store, photo gallery, or social networking website."
1.Drupal can be used to instantly create a website with users, articles, blogs, comments, and a
forum,e-commerce site, a group photo gallery, and more.
This leads to the following, more technical definition:
Drupal is a modular framework written in the PHP scripting language that
contains a CMS, a module system, and an API for rapid development of websites
and web applications.
Drupal is not just software — it’s a community! The Drupal community is one of the largest and
most supportive communities in the open source world.
Mitesh Dheman

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For those who don't know how Drupal works, I'm going to explain some basics of Drupal programming: Drupal includes a core (which is written with procedural code) and modules. Modules consist out of functions and these functions follow certain naming conventions, that allow them to be called dynamically by the Drupal core.

Functions by naming conventions
For instance if you want to add menu-items from your own module you would include a function MODULE_menu() and define an array-structure describing your menu-items within. Drupal will include your module-script and discover the definition of this function. Through the naming conventions it will see that your MODULE_menu() function is "implementing a menu-hook" and thus should be called when creating the menu.

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i use joomla.

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hi praveen,

Below is a cut from a forum post made on this topic. I have professionally used Drupal.
Use Mambo(Joomla) when:
* you don't know about the tech stuff at all
* you want easy install & setup with your mouse
* you don't want to learn the tool you're using
* you don't need to integrate other scripts etc. to your site
* you want a candy site and don't mind several other sites using the same template(s)
* you don't need SEO out of the box
* you don't care about server resources
* you're running (or planning to to run) only one or max a couple of sites
* you don't need one log-in to several sites
* you don't need user groups & permissions
* you don't run membership site(s)
Use Drupal when:
* you want a rock solid & high quality platform for your sites
* you want or need a real multi-site-feature (only one installation for several sites)
* you need any kind of user groups & user permissions
* you need to run also membership- and community sites, not only CMS etc
* you want a Powerful templating system
* you're ready to invest a bit of your time in order to realize all the huge possibilities of Drupal
* you understand the meaning of clear, high quality code and API (easy to integrate with other solutions etc)
* you want flexibility and don't like limitations

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i m from academia, i want to do my major project on cloud computin. can i work drupla?? can u please suggest me sum sectors to work for major project??