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1 ApraSahney commented Permalink

Congrats for being the Best Speaker at the Ahemedabad unconference. Its great to connect with you on My developerworks.

2 TejasPurohit commented Permalink

Hi Utpal,

Congratulations to you. It was really a nice presentation on Twitter API Integration. You was well prepared for your session in advance and you presented it very well which other speakers haven't. So you are the one who actually deserved the Trophy. I can say this because I was one of the speakers in unconference at Ahmedabad. :~) I had talked on SaaS model.
Tejas Purohit

3 KDureja commented Permalink

Hey Thanks Utpal. enjoyed your talk on twitter API.
Also I met Dr. Nilesh Modi in Kadi .. and your name came up when we were discussing the un-conference.. and he was happy to know that you had won the trophy @ developerWroks un-conf.


4 hnb13686 commented Permalink

does anybody know how/where to get the certificate for develothon.

5 utpalbetai commented Permalink

It was really great experience. I have been attending lots of seminars/workshops/road shows and product demos. But IBM is unique in a way it provides participants of the Event to share their ideas. Thanks for providing me platform.


6 utpalbetai commented Permalink

Hi Mr. Kunal,

It was very interesting and informative talk at Ahmedabad Event. It was delivered in most lucid manner I have ever witnessed. And best of all Un-conf. I really wish IBM will come up with many more of this type of opportunities for Developers. Thanks,