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1 Rizvan commented Permalink

Amazing !!! , I just want to know how to move next class from this page where i cant extend droidgap and activity at once nor i have idea to move next page(java class) from javascript or html . <br /> Please let me know this thing as soon as possible. <div>&nbsp;</div> thank u :)

2 iselorm commented Permalink

I tried this code, but i always get an error code of 3. Checking on stackoverflow, a possible solution was to use the file upload function like this: <div>&nbsp;</div> var ft = new FileTransfer();ft.upload(uri, serverUrl, successCallback, errorCallback, options, true); <div>&nbsp;</div> however, adding the true option at the end still doesnt make it a successful call. <div>&nbsp;</div> Any help? Also, what if you want to upload the picture direct into a facebook album? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

3 gnganpath commented Permalink

I tried this, While upload image to server show camera status error :3, <div>&nbsp;</div> In eclipse log cat error <br /> E/FileTransfer(10560) <br /> Protocol not found:

4 gnganpath commented Permalink

I tried this. While uploading select image to server STATUS code error : 3 appear. failed to upload in emulator. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> At the same time the eclipse phonegap android LOGCAT show this error: <br /> E/FileTransfer(10560): Protocol not found:

5 amiham commented Permalink

error code there any other way?

6 amiham commented Permalink

in logcat i get the following error: <div>&nbsp;</div> E/FileTransfer(24735): expected 13 bytes but received 16384 E/FileTransfer(24735): at com.squareup.okhttp.internal.http.HttpTransport$FixedLengthOutputStream.write( E/FileTransfer(24735): at com.squareup.okhttp.internal.FaultRecoveringOutputStream.write( E/FileTransfer(24735): at org.apache.cordova.FileTransfer$ 09-08 08:04:07.953: E/FileTransfer(24735): at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( 09-08 08:04:07.953: E/FileTransfer(24735): at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ 09-08 08:04:07.953: E/FileTransfer(24735): at 09-08 08:04:07.953: E/FileTransfer(24735): Failed after uploading 243 of 256 bytes.

7 bcurtis commented Permalink

This article was written for PhoneGap v1.1.0. Since then there have been numerous changes and updates to the API. PhoneGap has also become an Apache project with the name Cordova ( <div>&nbsp;</div> I haven't updated the code to use the latest API version, but the documentation at gives examples of how to use the newest camera and file transfer APIs.

8 Kwame_Emma commented Permalink

I like your tutorials , but can u please show me how to set the image as a wall paper thank you

9 s.anand commented Permalink

Is it possible to keep this HTML code in server? If yes, I am getting "phonegap did not initialize. demo will not run correctly" error. What needs to do?