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1 bobleah commented Permalink

Great tips Tori! BTW... I looked for your blog entry yesterday. I have to give you credit for keeping a time table associated with your blog posts. As a fellow blogger, I tend to post entries erratically as the mood hits me.... I applaud your discipline, even if you are a day late!

2 VictoriaO commented Permalink

I do what I can - when I can. I figure 1 post a week is reasonable. Some weeks it is, some weeks it's not, but it's a goal and I made it this week (even a little late)! Thanks Bob for your "gentle" reminders. :)

3 Govind_Baliga commented Permalink

Victoria - I'm a big fan of SnagIt and use it everyday to capture screenshots for reporting defects and include them as an attachment in ClearQuest. Thanks for sharing the tips on using the SnagIt editor.

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