Welcome to Caas: Start Here!

So you want a community asset on developerWorks? Use this Start Here guide to create the asset(s) that best suits your needs. The first question you should ask when creating a community presence on developerWorks is, “What are my goals for this presence?” Or, another way to phrase it: “What is the main call to action for users who visit my presence?” The answer to that question will dictate which asset you should develop.
This guide provides instructions for creating four of our most common community assets:

Basic Group
Advanced Group
Basic Blog
Advanced Blog

It is important to keep in mind that basic groups and blogs are the building blocks for advanced groups and blogs. In other words, the base asset you’ll be using is the same: either a group or a blog. What makes the asset “advanced” are the customizations you add to it. Sometimes, the out-of-the-box asset itself is sufficient to meet your needs. Other times, your specific business needs will dictate a more custom (advanced) solution.

Choose one of the options next to the green START HERE pin above to learn when to use the asset and to see examples and instructions for building it. You will need to have a developerWorks profile in order to build these assets. If you already have one, continue on to the instructions of your choice. If you don't have a profile, please click on the URL below which contains simple instructions on how to create one.

It's fast and easy!