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1 prino commented Permalink

Why is there no mention of the PL/I for Windows compiler that is part of RDz?

2 pelderon commented Permalink

I neglected to mention our PL/I for Windows compiler because I was thinking of stand-alone products. <br /> But yes, we do have a PL/I compiler offered as part of RDz, which is meant for building and testing <br /> applications intended for z/OS. This compiler is built from the same source base as the z/OS and AIX compilers. Hence, with an occasional lapse of a few months because of mismatched schedules, <br /> it supports the same PL/I features as these other compilers.

3 homebeaver commented Permalink

the compiler is pretty good hidden in the package of RDz V8.0.3. Are there plans to extract the PL/I for Windows compiler as a stand anone product, like it was done with COBOL? <br /> The compiler seems to be Version 8.0. There is a fresh PgmGde, Ninth Edition (October 2011) unter , but inside the RDz-Package the incosede PgmGde is Version 7.1 dated 14.Dez.2007. The PgmRef is stone-aged dated 24.Oct.2003 (Enterprise PL/I for z/OSLanguage Reference Version 3 Release 3). And the newest sample is dated 15.Jan.2002. A good new compiler, terrible packed! Mary Christmas!

4 Robin400 commented Permalink

This entry needs updating and correcting. <br /> Updating, so as to include PL/I for Windows that is part of RD/z as suggested by prino; <br /> Correcting, for IBM released PL/I in about 1966, (not 1970s), <br /> and in the 1970s introduced two companion PL/I compilers: <br /> the optimizing compiler and the checkout compiler. <div>&nbsp;</div> I'd like to see PL/I for Windows offered separately, as it used to be. <br />