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1 54VG_邢凡忠_邢 commented Permalink

I have a problem and it takes me a lot of time but i have not solve, i am a new bird .yesterday i install TXseries7.1, my system driver on D,and TXSeries 7.1 is installed to F:\ ,but when i create ,destroy ,start region and server,it will be tell the wrong like this
who can help me and my postbox is 781355710@qq.com thanks.

2012-03-15-13:37:51.931 PID#4964 ERROR cipc general C:\SARPC_BACKINGTREE_1_2_0\src\cipc\cipc_init.c 119 0x00001624 msgID=0x00EDA003
Failed to access control file.

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