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Hi everyone, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you all for your attendance of our kickoff meeting covering PARMGEN open Q&amp;A discussion with customers and development. We very much appreciate your invaluable feedback and the collaboration during our call. <div>&nbsp;</div> We have posted the presentation materials covered during our call in this SMC link:;lang=en <div>&nbsp;</div> We would like to summarize the outcome of the proposed enhancements discussed during our call, and more importantly, our analysis and status updates to those. We have the e-mail contact of the respective attendees, for those that were able to log on to the web conference (if the attendee provided an e-mail @ logon). If you would like to be added to the distribution, kindly send me an e-mail so we may add you to the interested parties list. <div>&nbsp;</div> We will also use the same distribution list for future communication post-meeting follow-up for our next call (April 17th @ 10 a.m. Eastern US), and future calls set-up thereafter. <div>&nbsp;</div> Again, many thanks for your attendance. We look forward to your participation of our next call. <div>&nbsp;</div> Sincerely, <div>&nbsp;</div> Cecile Day ( <br /> ITM z/OS Install/Config. - Development

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Links to the presentation files: <div>&nbsp;</div> April 27, 2013 meeting: <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> March 27, 2013 kickoff meeting: <br />