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1 Michael_Wong commented Permalink

Justin, thanks for your interest and your thoughts. Congratulations in being on the Boost Program Committee. I will keep reading your blog<br /> <a class="jive-link-external" href=""></a><br /> to see where you are going next.

2 JGottschlich commented Permalink

Hi Michael -<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the kind words about my talk. I found both of your talks to be outstanding. Your Multithreaded C++0x talk left the audience stunned and wholly intrigued. =)<div>&nbsp;</div> I strongly agree with you regarding having a special parallel programming track for future BoostCons. I will convey your point to the BoostCon program committee and hopefully we'll see something along those lines for BoostCon'10.<div>&nbsp;</div> I hope you plan to give more talks at BoostCon'10. I especially think more people need to hear your Multithreaded C++0x talk. I believe the C++ community needs to more fully understand the intricacies of concurrent instruction interleavings and the complexities of hardware memory models as you have outlined in your talk. IMO, 90-minutes wasn't enough time, I think you need two 90-minutes sessions for your Multithreaded talk. And, if you gave two 90-minute multithreaded talks at BoostCon'10, I think you'll find that both talks will be overfull, just like both of your talks were this year. =)<div>&nbsp;</div> Congratulations on your new family addition!<div>&nbsp;</div> Justin Gottschlich<div>&nbsp;</div> <a class="jive-link-external" href=""></a><br /> <a class="jive-link-external" href=""></a>