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1 rdean400 commented Permalink

That's nice, but it isn't the ideal.<div>&nbsp;</div> The ideal would be to leverage the EIM infrastructure already present on the i to allow customers who have rolled out Windows Single Sign-On to use that for authenticating to connections.<div>&nbsp;</div> This support is already present in the Java Toolbox, so it should be easier to build this.

2 yantzi commented Permalink

Supporting single sign-on via EIM is on our list of requirements (and I agree that this is ideal). Like you said, the Toolbox supports it so it should be easy to do for most of the RSE. We do have our own debug server and communications protocol and will have to implement the support there as well.<div>&nbsp;</div> Don

3 geetanjli commented Permalink

Hello, I’m a new user trying to install Majordomo on an OpenSuSE computer. I haven’t been having much luck.Everything went fine until I got to the part of the process where the wrapper config test is performed. I had been using the default user, and got an error message saying not to do that.So I created a new group called ‘majordomo’ and a user to go with it. I made sure that the group existed, and that the user has been assigned to it. I edit the Makefile to refer to the numerical IDs of the group and user that I’ve created, instead of the default values. <br /> <a class="jive-link-external" href=""></a>