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1 Ortwin commented Permalink

Hello Lisa, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for these improvements on EGL RUI! <br /> However when we try to install we get the error: <br /> ------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> Updating IBM Rational Business Developer to is not allowed; it is not compatible with IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software <br /> ------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> As may be clear from this error message we use RBD and RDP together in one package group. <div>&nbsp;</div> How can we solve this installation issue? <div>&nbsp;</div> Ortwin

2 RolandM commented Permalink

Hello Ortwin, <br /> I have the exactly same problem. I was told it should be solved within fixpack 2 of RDP 8, which should already be finished sinse 1st of April. I am wainting for the download link to appear here.... <br /> Rgds <br /> Roland

3 LisaLasher commented Permalink

We have a temporary incompatibility with RDp, which will be resolved when they ship their next fix pack. They were originally planning to ship last week around the same date as RBD, but they've been held up by a couple of critical defects that need to be fixed. <div>&nbsp;</div> RDp is now expecting to ship mid-month. Until then, there is no fix for this problem. You either need to uninstall RDp, or hold off on upgrading to RBD until RDp is available. <div>&nbsp;</div> We've published a tech note on the issue: <div>&nbsp;</div> It was caused by a change made in RAD 8.0.2, where the Web tools component made a plugin version change that is not backward compatible. This has caused a string of shell-sharing issues until all of the products that share this component can ship a compatible fix pack. <div>&nbsp;</div> We regret the inconvenience that this is causing. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Lisa

4 RolandM commented Permalink

Lisa, <br /> when uninstalling RDP in order to get the urgently needed fixes of RBD installed - is it possible to install RDP later on without any problem and without uninstalling RDB before? <br /> I hope - yes..... <br /> Best Regards <br /> Roland

5 LisaLasher commented Permalink

Roland, <br /> Yes, when RDp is available, then you will be able to reinstall RDp into your current RBD workspace. <div>&nbsp;</div> I will post an update here when RDp becomes available. I know that it will be at least a week from now -that will help you decide whether to wait, or to go ahead an uninstall RDp.

6 LisaLasher commented Permalink

There is another alternative to work around this issue. You could leave your current installation as it is (RBD 8.0.1 + RDp, and do a separate stand-alone installation of RBD in a separate package group. Then when RDp is available, you would uninstall the stand-alone version, and upgrade the original installation to the latest levels of RBD and RDp. <div>&nbsp;</div> This is a better alternative if you need to use the RDp functionality in the next week or so. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Lisa

7 JoePluta commented Permalink

Hi Lisa! Any update on availability of RDP We are getting to critical mass on RBD requirements but don't want to destabilize our development environment. I suppose a standalone RBD installation is an option, but I'd rather avoid that particular complication if I can help it.

8 LisaLasher commented Permalink

RDp fix pack is finally available !! The download information is here: <div>&nbsp;</div>

9 JoePluta commented Permalink

You're my hero, Lisa! As I noted on the Cafe forums, I've already downloaded and installed the RBD8.0.1.1/RDP8.0.0.2. Worked like a charm! <div>&nbsp;</div> Joe