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1 innundo commented Permalink

Hi LIsa<br /> We are planning to use fix for RDB, but download location confused us.<div>&nbsp;</div> On IBM page:<br /> <a class="jive-link-external" href=";context=SSMQ79&amp;context=SSSTY3&amp;context=SSDV2W&amp;q1=;uid=swg24024648&amp;loc=en_US&amp;cs=utf-8&amp;lang=en">;context=SSMQ79&amp;context=SSSTY3&amp;context=SSDV2W&amp;q1=;uid=swg24024648&amp;loc=en_US&amp;cs=utf-8&amp;lang=en</a><div>&nbsp;</div> we can download :<br /> Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options<br /> 06-Nov-09 English 10 FTP<br /> 06-Nov-09 English 10 FTP<br /> 06-Nov-09 English 10 FTP<div>&nbsp;</div> ONLY disk1, disk2 &amp; disk3.<div>&nbsp;</div> Also on link provided under that page:<br /> <a class="jive-link-external" href=""></a><div>&nbsp;</div> we can download disk 1-5. <div>&nbsp;</div> Installation (upgrade procedure with IM) doesn't work with disk 1-3 (asking for disk 4 &amp; 5), but works with all disks 1-5.<br /> What the catch with provided disk 1-3 download on main page.<div>&nbsp;</div> Is installation with disks 1-5 OK. We have finished that kind of inst. on our testing machine. Everything went OK.

2 Ben_Margolis commented Permalink

The IBM page is now correct. Thanks for the heads up.

3 paulPilotto commented Permalink

Hi Lisa,<br /> We install often the product from scratch. What is your recommendation for installing RBD and it's fixpacks ? When reading the Installation notes :<br /> If IBM Rational Business Developer, Version 7.5.1,,, or is not installed on your system or if you are installing an additional instance, you can install this update when you install Rational Business Developer, Version 7.5.1,,, or For details, see Installing Rational Business Developer, Version<div>&nbsp;</div> It still seems UNCLEAR to me if you have to install ALWAYS all the fixes or if the Base Product with the latest fix is enough ?<br /> The problem why it is unclear to me is the last "or" between the versions in the last statement of the installation notes.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your recommendations.

4 Ben_Margolis commented Permalink

Hi, Paul. The answer is maximum ease: You can install on the 7.5.1 product, regardless of whether you installed another fix pack and regardless of which fix packs you installed.

5 msoucy commented Permalink

Hi Lisa, I'm a little bit confused, and I hope you can clarify something for me. The pre-req for this update is RBD 7.5.1. I'm getting ready to install RBD 7.5 for the 1st time. Is there another update I need to install 1st to RBD to get it to v7.5.1, or do the CDs from IBM contain v7.5.1 already?

6 LisaLasher commented Permalink

In August 2009 we refreshed all of our media (CDs, Passport download images, and trial edition) to the fix pack level. So chances are, that's what you have. If you actually do have the original 7.5 CDs, then you have a rare collector's edition, since 7.5 was only available for a few months before it was replaced by 7.5.1 <img class="jive-emoticon" border="0" src="" alt=";-)" />. You should still be able to come straight up from 7.5 to the current fix pack level.

7 msoucy commented Permalink

Hi Lisa, Thanks for clearing that up for me.