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1 rcasey commented Permalink

Cool stuff Chris!<div>&nbsp;</div> EGL/CE complained about default build descriptors, but I changed those to point to the ones in your archive and it worked just fine. FYI - I used the "Import Existing Projects into Workspace" option.<div>&nbsp;</div> I can see where this would be useful in storing support info, options for drop-down lists, validation tables, etc for a Rich UI application to save snagging the info from a server all the time. Any recommended methods for checking to see if those locally stored resources need to be refreshed from the server?<div>&nbsp;</div> Looked at GVButler as well. Wow! All that was done with EGL? What did you have to do to get rid of the address bar at the top and the button bar at the bottom?<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks,<br /> Richard