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1 Ortwin commented Permalink

Good to have you on the project Chris! The results look great. And this done in 1 weekend?!<br /> I took a quick peek at this new Grid and noticed some discrepancies in regard to the original Grid API:<br /> <ul class="jive-dash"> <li>selectionChangedListener GridSelectionListener = null; is missing in GridSelector.egl</li> <li>the color in the GridSelector part doen not accept hex. colors anymore.</li> <li>function 'selectionIndex' is missing i GridSelector.</li> <li>function 'layout' is missing in Grid.egl</li> </ul> We are very enthousiastic to adopt this new Grid, so looking forward to the final release!

2 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

Thanks Ortwin, it was more like two weekends <img class="jive-emoticon" border="0" src="" alt=":-)" /><div>&nbsp;</div> Note that the original GridSelector and GridSorter have both been deprecated, as selection is now built-in into the Grid.

3 Karl_Fritz commented Permalink

Wow, many ideas i thought its should be integrated.... now there are. Thank you.<br /> One thing: The last column cannot be resized. If you have some time, please check the delimiters for resizing. Sometimes they float into the next header cell. (your example stock quotes company name/price: enlarge the price column and show how the delimiter flows with the column title)

4 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

Yeah, the resize handles are placed too far to the right on the Price column as that one is aligned right.<br /> Resizing the last column is what I struggled with also, as the resize handle kept showing up outside the grid <img class="jive-emoticon" border="0" src="" alt=":-)" />

5 Karl_Fritz commented Permalink

Hi Chris<div>&nbsp;</div> Some feedbacks testing the new grid in various browsers:<br /> grid size 3700 records. (as you know)<br /> ie 8: ok, slower as the other ones with the known time issue (but only one time and short)<br /> Chrome 4.1.249.xxxx: ok, fast, with difference the layout (font size into the grid)<br /> Opera 10.51: ok<br /> Safari 4.0.5: ok, like Chrome<br /> FF 5.0: not ok, message: An exception has occurred: <a class="jive-link-adddocument" href=";subject=CRRUI3660E">CRRUI3660E</a> Ausnahmebedingung aufgetreten: Antwort für '' konnte nicht verarbeitet werden. Ursache: '<a class="jive-link-adddocument" href=";subject=CRRUI2089E">CRRUI2089E</a> Die Konvertierung aus dem JSON-Format "{"headers" : {}, "status" : 200, "statusMessage" : "OK", "body" : "{\"result\"<br /> All testings on localhost, W7, iOS 520/V6.1/EGL CE

6 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

Did you run your tests directly from the preview tab or as deployed on Tomcat? <br /> And... 3,700 records? Wow. How many columns? <div>&nbsp;</div> Are you sure the error on FF has <b>anything</b> to do with the Grid? It sounds like a service error.<div>&nbsp;</div> Can you share some screendumps of the differences between IE8 and Chrome, and what you would like to see either of them do differently?

7 Karl_Fritz commented Permalink

Hi Chris again<div>&nbsp;</div> I run it on a local Tomcat 6.0. The grid contains 3 columns. I tested to get the whole recordarray with 30 fields and only the three required fields. The response time was similar. <div>&nbsp;</div> The error on FF happens with the big grid of 3700 recs., smaller files are ok. But, with the big grid, all data was shown in the grid (delimited), e.g. all records, all fieldnames and all content. <div>&nbsp;</div> Unfortunately, i can't attach any screen shots in the blog. The difference between IE8 and Chrome/Safare is the size of the characters (title/content). In this two browsers they are ca. 1 point greater than in the other ones.

8 hal_maner commented Permalink

Very glad to see this enhancement...<br /> What we also need is CRUD functionality, perhaps with a built-in toolbar, that allows us to easily make the grid read/write, allowing the user to highlight and delete one or more rows, insert a row anywhere, and change the content of one or more cells in a given row...

9 KendallCoolidge commented Permalink

Hey Chris,<div>&nbsp;</div> Is it possible to disable sorting on some columns and not others? I see I can turn sorting on/off for an entire grid but I don't seem to be able to for a single column.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks,<br /> Ken

10 KendallCoolidge commented Permalink

Hi Chris,<div>&nbsp;</div> ...Also, the "SimplestGrid" sample throws an error unless columns are defined. I copied the ones from the ScrollingGridDemo and was able to preview the SimplestGrid.<div>&nbsp;</div> Ken