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1 Jerrycan comentou às Link permanente

Interesting article! Thanks for that. There is one thing i don't understand: <br /> and that's the second link: "Find and resolve browser memory leaks caused by JavaScript and Dojo". Does this example application has memory leaks which has to be fixed? <br /> I can't find any text about this in your article. <div>&nbsp;</div> Greetings, Jeroen

2 OlivierGauneau comentou às Link permanente

Hi Jeroen, <div>&nbsp;</div> I hope there is no memory leaks ! <div>&nbsp;</div> It is just something to keep in mind when developing with Dojo and Javascript (as with any other languages I guess). <br /> I thought it might be useful to reference it. <div>&nbsp;</div> Sorry for the confusion and thank you for your comment. <div>&nbsp;</div> Olivier