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1 Stish commented Permalink

The requested URL could not be retrieved. Cant download the attachment <img class="jive-emoticon" border="0" src="" alt=":(" />

2 Stish commented Permalink

Ah, just copy the url... <img class="jive-emoticon" border="0" src="" alt=":)" />

3 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

I thought I tested the URL. Guess I did not <img class="jive-emoticon" border="0" src="" alt=":-)" /><br /> It is fixed now.

4 appguy1010 commented Permalink

A big thing now is 3D animation, I have some past experience in this so I'm wondering if anyone knows of a similar library that can be used to do real-time rendering of 3D animations to show in an iphone application, this would be used within an EGL app that I am making.

5 dan_darnell commented Permalink

Very cool, Chris! I am using this in an application to add a little pizazz to an otherwise rather prosaic click-to-open edit pane behavior.<div>&nbsp;</div> I did find that if my application included both animation and Dojo components that I received errors when running the application after deployment. No issue with this in the IDE (EGL CE) -- only after deployment (Tomcat 5.5). I didn't have time to investigate it very thoroughly and since I was only using a little bit of Dojo I just stripped out the Dojo elements and everything was happy again.<div>&nbsp;</div> Also, any way to tap into events like "onMotionFinished" so that an EGL application could initiate an animation and then do something when the animation is done?

6 ChrisLaffra commented Permalink

Adding event would be a valuable addition, yes, and simple to do.<div>&nbsp;</div> What kind of errors were you seeing?

7 dan_darnell commented Permalink

The error was a null pointer exception. <div>&nbsp;</div> But....I added some Dojo widgets to your demo and it ran fine so clearly it wasn't Dojo -- or Dojo alone -- that was the issue. I'll have to revert my application and see if I can find the combination of elements that resulted in the errors.