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1 TheresaRamsey commented Permalink

In addition to the officially supported Dojo widgets, we have a preview of the mobile support available in Dojo 1.5. See for widget and sample projects you can use to create mobile applications.

2 langmann commented Permalink

Hello can me anyone say, is it possible in egl ce upload Dojo 1.0.0 widget and EGL rui 2.0 widget.

3 langmann commented Permalink

And aslo in RDB7.5.1

4 TheresaRamsey commented Permalink

Since there are also visual editor and runtime changes to support the newer levels of Dojo, you can't move the newer Dojo to older EGL tools like RBD 7.5.x or CE. Dojo 1.5.x works with RBD v8.0.x, and you can get a free trial from