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1 rcasey commented Permalink

Theresa,<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for a great explanation of the deployment process! I've been experimenting with it and it works great. <div>&nbsp;</div> I have run into a problem when deploying a project that uses services. The RichUI handler works fine when I test it in the Preview tab. My EGL service program is called and returns the expected values. However, if I deploy the project and try to run the handler on the server, I get the following exception when calling the service.<div>&nbsp;</div> An exception has occurred: EGL1621E An error occurred while trying to invoke function:loginService on WebService:<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://localhost:9080/EGLWeb/services/RUIServices">http://localhost:9080/EGLWeb/services/RUIServices</a>. EGL0001I The error occurred in EGL Rich UI Proxy. <br /> Detail1: 500 <br /> Detail2: FAILED <br /> Detail3: Connection refused: connect <div>&nbsp;</div> Is there some step I'm missing? Is there some additional configuration to do for services?<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks in advance!<div>&nbsp;</div> Richard

2 will.smythe commented Permalink

Hey Richard - how is your service declared in your RUI handler? Are you using the @bindService annotation? In general, if you are deploying the RUI and service together to the same Web project, you should declare it like this in the RUI:<div>&nbsp;</div> myService LoginService { };<div>&nbsp;</div> instead of:<div>&nbsp;</div> myService LoginService { @bindService };

3 JoeVincens commented Permalink

Hi Richard,<div>&nbsp;</div> The error you are getting means there is no service at the server defined in the URL, but you said that the service responds in the IDE. So either the service is not deployed or the URL is not pointing to the actual service. There isn't much information about your project so I'm going to point you in a few directions. <div>&nbsp;</div> You say "My EGL service" so my assumption is you wrote the service. That URL is a little suspicious for EGL CE. The port 9080 is a port used by Websphere and CE doesn't support Websphere. Tomcat's default port is 8080.<div>&nbsp;</div> I need some specific information about your project. <div>&nbsp;</div> What is the correct port for your server?<div>&nbsp;</div> Let's see if you went through the steps to deploy the service.<br /> In the project that contains the service is there a deployment descriptor entry that defines the service as a SOAP service?<br /> Is you service in the same project as your Rich UI handler? <br /> If the service is in a different project did you deploy the project with the service?<div>&nbsp;</div> If you did deploy the service. <br /> I'm wondering how you defined the URL that's being used to invoke the service. <br /> You can set the URL on the service client bindings tab of the EGL deployment descriptor -&gt; URI, but the more common method to get the URL is to leave the URI blank, then the URL will come from the wsdl file.<br /> If you left the URI blank: When doing client development I always take wsdl file from the: deployed service project/WebContent/WEB-INF/wsdl because this is created while the service is being deployed, because this file gets populated based on the target server. This means you have to write and deploy your service before you start the client development. If you want to work with an undeployed service you can create the wsdl from the service by using the wizard "Generate WSDL File", but you will need to set server port in Preferences -&gt; EGL -&gt; Service -&gt; WSDL Generation port. <div>&nbsp;</div> I hope this helps. If you are still experiencing problems, please provide the answers to the questions that pertain to your projects and I will attempt to provide more detailed debugging information.<br /> regards,<br /> Joe

4 rcasey commented Permalink

It is working now!<div>&nbsp;</div> In trying to narrow things down, I created a brand new project containing only the one handler and the one service and then deployed it to a brand new web project. The service worked just fine!<div>&nbsp;</div> Did some backtracking and it looks like I may have caused my problem by importing a project created with RBD when I took the online EGL class.<div>&nbsp;</div> All is well now. Thanks for the pointers!<div>&nbsp;</div> Richard