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1 starki7 commented Permalink

Hi !<div>&nbsp;</div> I didn't find information whether licence for RBD V7.1 is also valid for RBD v7.5.<div>&nbsp;</div> Can anybody answer?<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks,<br /> Goran

2 StefSergi commented Permalink

Any RBD 7.1 license under valid maintenance entitles the license holder to download the RBD 7.5 release from Passport Advantage download page.

3 will.smythe commented Permalink

For more details on how IBM Passport Advantage and IBM Passport Advantage Express Subscription and Support work (including details on "product upgrade"), look here: <a class="jive-link-external" href=""></a>

4 Ruebesamen commented Permalink

We have some severe problems with 7.1 debugging facility since some weeks. So we had to delay migration and rollout of the new version. This problems still are not solved. Now I hear that version 7.5 will be available before its possible to smoothly debug version 7.1. What is your proposal? <div>&nbsp;</div> Waiting for 7.1 to be fixed or omitting one minor version leap and beginnig the evaluation of 7.5?<div>&nbsp;</div> Is there any necessity of a additional EGL source migration from 7.1 to version 7.5?<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks in advance,<br /> Jörg

5 will.smythe commented Permalink

Hi Jörg. I recommend moving to version 7.5. Version 7.5 has the latest and greatest fixes (if a fix is in 7.1, it is also in 7.5). If you decide to stay on 7.1, you should have no issues moving to 7.5 later since no significant changes were made to COBOL or Java generation in 7.5. <div>&nbsp;</div> In general, if you encounter bug with RBD, please contact IBM support and open a PMR.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks,<br /> Will

6 starki7 commented Permalink

Hello!<div>&nbsp;</div> Is there any difference with IBM Rational Developer for System z V7.5 regarding the EGL development.<div>&nbsp;</div> As I understand from the Announcement, RDz 7.5 have all EGL functionality as RBD 7.5.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks,<br /> Goran

7 will.smythe commented Permalink

No difference. Rational Developer for System z (RDz) V7.5 is offered in two flavors: RDz with Java (which is RDz + Rational Application Developer) and RDz with EGL (which is RDz + RBD). RDz with EGL V7.5 will have the same EGL capabilities as RBD 7.5, but will also have the System z development tools.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks,<br /> Will

8 msoucy commented Permalink

You say the planned availability date is Oct 17th. Is that the date you can start ordering it on Media or is that only for download purposes? If so, when can you start ordering it on Media?

9 will.smythe commented Permalink

The system should allow you to order media on the announce date, but the media is typically not available for 10 or so days after the eGA (GA) date.