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1 WalkerRoyce commented Permalink

Thanks Darrel. <div>&nbsp;</div> I will try and keep it pithy and interesting. Many of my posts will be technical positions--most of them excerpts from draft publications, or draft Innovate speeches, or Jam exchanges, or other sources. Some of my posts will target leadership topics such as: high-trust environments, honest communications, performance measurement. And finally, I will throw in some entertainment every now and then just to add a little spice. A community must have some occasional fun to be vibrant. <div>&nbsp;</div> We are going to light some fires under our technical and community leadership to expand their participation and influence in the marketplace. Several of our technical leaders (execs, DEs, fellows, et al) will also increase their use of social networking channels. We need all of our communities to participate in expanding our networks, debating our ideas, spreading good ideas and improving on the weaker ones. <div>&nbsp;</div> So, please participate, endorse, challenge, spread the word to your own networks

2 Darrel Rader commented Permalink

I think that this is s a good example of how people writing papers and articles can get more eyes and ears on their thoughts .. making the papers better .. and meeting great new interesting people. Looking forward to the discussions.