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1 dw_sera commented Permalink

We can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes! I find it works just as well for building complex spreadsheets as it does for motivating kids to do homework or cleaning the laundry room. <div>&nbsp;</div> Glad you got a second opinion, particularly one that agreed with the wise advice from your smart friend :-).

2 vskinner commented Permalink

I actually do use the 5-minute clean up method at my house with a timer and it works. Maybe I think I can bear it if it only lasts 5 minutes, but I hadn't thought of ways to use a timer at work. <div>&nbsp;</div> I also think the online egg timer is so cool! Thanks for the link.

3 johnswan commented Permalink

Great post, Robin! I take 5 minutes a day to do one window (since they won't get done any other way). It actually works great!

4 bobleah commented Permalink

I gotta try this!