Working with Worklight, Part 1, Getting started with your first Worklight application

Setting up an application for iOS and Android

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Jeremy Nortey, Carlos Andreu , and Raj Balasubramanian

Date archived: February 13, 2018 | Last updated: August 2012|First published: June 15, 2012

With IBM® Worklight® V5, a leading Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), IBM expands its overall mobile capabilities across its product portfolio. This series of articles introduces the Worklight platform by showing how you can build mobile applications that leverage a variety of IBM products. Part 1 describes the process of setting up a Worklight development environment and creating a simple application that will be used as the basis for iterative development in subsequent articles.

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ArticleTitle=Working with Worklight, Part 1: Getting started with your first Worklight application