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Cloud computing

Build a weather-tracking application in the cloud

Create a base application for retrieving and storing latitude/longitude coordinates for world cities from an online service.

Internet of Things

Turn your mobile phone into an IoT device

Turn your mobile phone into a sensor device, send sensor data to the IoT server in the cloud, and create Bluemix apps that process and visualize the data.

Web development

Deploy a Meteor-based web, mobile chat server

Leverage developerWorks Premium to host a private group chat server for your team or friends and family.

Business process management

Expose an IBM BPM process to a mobile device with IBM MobileFirst

Generate an application that interacts with IBM BPM V8.5.6 through a secure adapter so authorized users can work from their mobile devices.

Mobile development

Mobile development projects: Top four secrets

Successful mobile dev projects have four things in common. Do you have these keys to success?

Internet of Things

Combating IoT cyber threats

Don't get caught unawares: Employ these best practices for robust and secure IoT solutions.


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