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IBM Advocate: Node.js Community Leader

To become a Node.js Community Leader, you must demonstrate active knowledge sharing in the Node.js community, which is essential for the community to grow. Holding this badge demonstrates that you have the initiative and skill to create and deliver technical content, and that you have an applied and practical understanding of the technology. Skilled presenters can quickly become a thought leader in the Node.js space.

This badge signifies your knowledge-sharing contributions to the Node.js community. There are multiple levels of this badge, awarded based upon your level of contributions accumulated through Node.js user groups, conferences, and postings (blogs, articles, podcast, video, and so on):

  • Level I: Awarded for delivering your first talk or post.
  • Level II: Awarded for delivering 5 talks or posts.
  • Level III: Awarded for delivering 15 talks or posts.
  • Level IV: Awarded for delivering 30 talks or posts.

How to earn the badge

  1. Deliver the required number verifiable contributions to the Node.js community by presenting Node.js talks (to a user group or conference), or posting original content (through blogs, published articles, videos, or podcasts) to demonstrate your commitment to knowledge sharing. Any combination of talks and posts is permitted.
  2. Complete a badge claim form, documenting each contribution by including a link to the talk (on or conference website) or post.
  3. Submit your completed badge claim form for verification. Any contribution that cannot be verified is void. In addition, all posts that are listed as contributions will be reviewed by an SME for applicability.

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