Leveraging 3270 or 5250 data within Web-based mashup applications

A guide to creating a 3270 feed with HATS and using the feed in IBM Mashup Center

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John Feller and Chris Gladd

Date archived: December 8, 2016 | Last updated: June 29, 2009|First published: June 09, 2009

Learn how to extract 3270 or 5250 data using IBM® Rational® Host Access Transformation Services, which can then be formed into an Atom data feed. This data feed can be utilized by IBM Mashup Center to consolidate with other data sources to create a new situational application for business users. We present an example of extracting data from a 3270 financial application, creating an Atom feed, cataloging that feed, and using that data to create an information dashboard for a loan officer.

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ArticleTitle=Leveraging 3270 or 5250 data within Web-based mashup applications