Send Notes links through the Internet


Have you ever wanted to send a Notes link -- a document, view, or database link -- through the Internet to someone at another company? That is, mail a Notes link through an SMTP gateway?

If someone in another company or organization has access to the same Notes databases as you, or has standard Notes databases such as Notes 5 Help, it would be very handy to send Notes links in a e-mail and not lose any information.

Of course, Notes links are a "Notes thing" and are lost when the mail message leaves the Notes environment (even temporarily for transport across the Internet).

A document link (or view or database link) contains several pieces of information in a particular format, such as this link to a topic in Notes 5 Help:

Notes 5 Help - Creating a link and customizing 
the status bar				
<REPLICA 05256826:004C8489>				
<VIEW OF980FA68D:0B490FAF-ON852566DD:00291AD7>				
<NOTE OF10074990:99DE58E0-ON05256826:004CA301>				
<REM>Database 'Notes 5 Help', View 'Index', 
Document 'Creating a link and customizing the 
status bar'</REM>				

What can you do with this information?

Well, if you put it into a file with the extension NDL and attach the file to the mail message, it contain all the information your recipient needs to open the document link within their own Notes environment.

Try it out by following these steps:

  1. Open a document, view, or database in Notes.
  2. Choose Edit - Copy As Link to create a document, view, or database link.
  3. Open a word processor or text editor.
  4. Choose Edit - Paste. You'll see information similar to the example above.
  5. Save this document in a convenient location with a file name such as DOCLINK.NDL.
  6. To test your link, double-click the file icon for DOCLINK.NDL. Your link should open in Notes.
  7. You can now attach the file to your mail message and send it via the Internet.

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