IBM Notes, IBM Domino, and IBM Domino Designer Release Notes

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Find release notes for supported versions of IBM Notes clients, IBM Domino, and IBM Domino Designer.

Additional resources

Version 8.5.x

Release numberLanguageDownload / View online

Version 8.0.x

Release numberLanguageDownload / View online
V8.0.2EnglishPDF and NSF
V8.0.1EnglishPDF and NSF / View only
V8.0EnglishPDF and NSF / View only

Version 7.0.x

Release numberLanguageDownload / View online
V7.0.3EnglishPDF and NSF / View only
V7.0.2English PDF and NSF / View only
V7.0.2JapanesePDF and NSF
V7.0.1EnglishPDF and NSF / View only
V7.0.1 for LinuxEnglishPDF
V7.0EnglishNSF / PDF / View only

Version 6.5.x

Release numberLanguageDownload / View online
V6.5.6EnglishPDF / NSF
V6.5.5EnglishNSF / PDF / View only
V6.5.5JapaneseNSF / PDF
V6.5.4EnglishNSF / PDF / View only
V6.5.4JapaneseNSF / PDF
V6.5.3EnglishNSF / PDF / View only
V6.5.3JapaneseNSF / PDF
V6.5.2EnglishNSF / PDF / View only
V6.5.2JapaneseNSF / PDF
V6.5.1EnglishNSF / PDF / View only
V6.5.1JapaneseNSF / PDF
V6.5EnglishNSF / PDF / View only
V6.5JapaneseNSF / PDF