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Product documentation: IBM Mobile Connect V6.1.5 and earlier 6.1.x

IBM Mobile Connect V6.1.5MultilingualHTML
IBM Mobile Connect V6.1.4MultilingualHTML
IBM Mobile Connect V6.1.3MultilingualHTML
IBM Mobile Connect V6.1.2MultilingualHTML
IBM Mobile Connect V6.1.1MultilingualHTML
IBM Mobile Connect V6.1.0MultilingualHTML

White papers

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Extend applications to the edge with SOA and IBM mobile and enterprise access software PDF
Lotus Mobile Connect V6.1 data sheetPDF

Redbooks, Redpapers, and Redpieces

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System Integrators Guide: Integrating WebSphere Everyplace Device Manager with WebSphere Everyplace Connection ManagerPDF
IBM WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager Version 5 HandbookPDF and HTML