Understanding IBM Lotus Domino server clustering

This white paper explains how to set up, manage, and monitor an IBM Lotus® Domino® server cluster.

In this article

  • Introduction
  • What is a Lotus Domino cluster?
  • Setting up a cluster
  • Setting up a private LAN for a cluster
  • Cluster replication
  • Failover in a Domino clustered environment
  • Workload balancing in a Domino cluster
  • Clustering Domino servers that run Internet protocols
  • Failover scenarios
  • Conclusion
  • Resources


By Reetu Sharma and Ranjit Rai

Learn what clustering is, how it works, its benefits and requirements, and how to configure the Internet Cluster Manager (ICM). Also included is information about error messages and other problems that may arise when using a cluster.

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