SAN switch performance monitoring using IBM Network Advisor

SAN with Brocade SMI Agent

This tutorial describes how to monitor the performance of a SAN switch using IBM Network Advisor 12.1.5 SAN with an SMI Agent.

Using the SMI Agent installable through the IBM Network Advisor, Brocade switches running firmware level (OS) 7.x.x can be managed by products such as IBM Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center (TPC). The IBM Network Advisor allows the applications to manage Brocade SAN infrastructures from a single access point by communicating with Brocade Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM) to gather information from the devices which can then be displayed in the TPC.

Hardware requirement

  • Processor: Intel® Xeon® processor 2 GHz or equivalent, 4 GB, 20 GB of disk space
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Disk space: 10 GB

Software requirement

  • Operating system: Red Hat Enterprise 6. X (Advanced / Enterprise) Server
  • Browsers: Mozilla Firefox 23, Google Chrome
  • Java plugins: Oracle JRE 1.7.0 update 51 for Network Advisor and Oracle JRE 1.7.0 update 51 for Web Tools

We also require an X Server display (VNC server) installed and running.


You can download IBM Network Advisor from the Brocade website on a 75-day trial period license with a registered ID. As per the FAQ's, IBM Network Advisor professional license is included with every Brocade hardware purchase at no extra cost.

Installing IBM Network Advisor

Perform the following steps to install IBM Network Advisor.

  1. After extracting the na1215_ibm_linux.tar.gz file, run install.bin from the VNC session terminal with root authority.
  1. In IBM Network Advisor, click Next on the Introduction page.
  1. Accept the license agreement and click Next.
  1. The default installation directory for Network Advisor is /opt. Click Next.
  1. The default disk space requirement for SAN with SMI Agent is 10 GB. Click Next.
  1. Notice that installation has started.
  1. When the installation is complete, click Done.

Configuring IBM Network Advisor

Perform the following steps to configure IBM Network Advisor.

  1. On the Welcome page, click Next.
  1. If you have previously installed Network Advisor, you can copy or import your previous settings. In this example, select the No, don't copy any data and settings option and click Next.
  1. Select SAN with SMI Agent as the package of your preference and click Next.
  1. Select the installation type as IBM Network Advisor - 75 days Trial and click Next.
  1. Select the Built-in FTP / SCP / SFTP server option for the copy operation and click Next.
  1. Set a new password for the database administrator (dcmadmin) user and then click Next.
  1. Select your server host name from the Server IP Configuration drop-down list, address from the Preferred Address drop-down list, and click Next.
  1. Notice the default ports for HTTP, HTTPS, Database, Syslog, SNMP and so on, and click Next.
  1. The default port for SMI Agent is 5989. It can be changed to 15989 if 5989 is already in use. Click Next.
  1. Specify the required size for the SAN network and click Next.
  1. Review the server configuration summary and click Next.
  1. After the configuration is complete, the SMI Agent starts. Click Finish.

The installation creates a shortcut on the Desktop for IBM Network Advisor 12.1.5 and Server Management Console.

Alternatively, You can launch IBM Network Advisor in the VNC session by using the following command.

 # /opt/IBM_Network_Advisor12_1_5/bin/dcmclient

And, you can launch the Server Management Console by using the following command.

 # /opt/IBM_Network_Advisor12_1_5/bin/smc

After launching IBM Network Advisor, the SMIA Configuration Tool Log In dialog box is opened. The user needs to log in using administrator credentials. The default values are:

  • User ID: Administrator
  • Password: password

SAN switch discovery in IBM Network Advisor

Perform the following steps for SAN switch discovery in IBM Network Advisor.

  1. Start the Server Management Console.
  1. Click the first option, Fabric Discovery.
  1. In the Discover Fabrics dialog box, click Add to add or discover a new switch.
  1. In the Add Fabric Discovery dialog box, enter the necessary details such as the fabric name, IP address of the switch, and user ID and password authorized on the switch. Then, click OK.
  1. Notice that the switch is now discovered and added successfully.

Performance monitoring using Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

Now, we can discover the SAN switch in Tivoli Storage productivity Center for performance monitoring by performing the following steps.

  1. Open the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center web interface.
  2. Click Switches Add Switch.
  1. Add the IP address of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) server where we installed IBM Network Advisor. Use the default credentials to access Network Advisor:
  • User name – Administrator
  • Password – password

Note: Use the same port number that you used during installation.

This discovers the switch and creates a default probe to monitor it.

Here are performance monitoring samples for the switches.

Click to see larger image

Click to see larger image

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