zfcp HBA API library

This page is the 'homepage' of the Linux on System z lib-zfcp-hbaapi "zfcp HBA API library" package. (HBA is short for "Host Bus Adapter".)


zfcp HBA API library, Version 2, is part of an implementation of FC-HBA for the ZFCP device driver to be used with the Linux on System z distributions based on the "Development stream".

Note: Version 2.0 is a complete re-implementation:

  • zfcp HBA API Version 2 works only with the "Development stream"; Version 1 works with older streams.
  • Version 1 of lib-zfcp-hbaapi did not have a shared version of the library; libzfcphbaapi was linked statically against the san_disc tool. With Version 2, the shared version of the library is available again.
  • The device file for the communication with the zfcp kernel module is not needed any more. The only interfaces utilized now are the sysfs and the generic scsi devices.

Download area - current: zfcp HBA API library packages

Date Component Package-page
2013-12-07 zfcp HBA API library 2.1.1 Development stream HBA API library 2.1.1

Archive: Links to previous zfcp HBA API library packages

Package Drop date Components
zfcp HBA API library 2.1 2010-09-16 Development stream
zfcp HBA API library 2.0 2008-11-25 Development stream

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