zfcp HBA API library 2.1

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2010-09-16 zfcp HBA API library 2.1 ("Development stream")

This zfcp HBA API library 2.1 replaces zfcp HBA API library 2.0 for the 'Development stream'.

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lib-zfcp-hbaapi-2.1.tar.gz / MD5 recommended (2010-09-16)


This is lib-zfcp-hbaapi ('zfcp HBA API library') Version 2.1. It is part of an implementation of FC-HBA for the zfcp device driver.

The zfcp device driver is a FCP device driver for Linux on System z. The implementation of FC-HBA for the zfcp device driver is called 'zfcp HBA API'. It is a shared library which provides the API defined in FC-HBA.

Version 2.1 extends version 2.0 with some additional features and two utilities (zfcp_ping, zfcp_show). These utilities are useful to discover a storage area network (SAN). Refer to the respective man-pages for further details.



  • libsgutils
  • doxygen for developer documentation
  • kernel 2.6.27 (or later)
  • for "event triggers":
    • kernel 2.6.36 (or later) is required


  • The zfcp HBA API support was first available on IBM eServer zSeries 990 processors with a microcode level (MCL) that includes the enhancements of October 31, 2003. Please ensure to use the latest available microcode level.
  • All newer System z models are supported.

More Information

For more information refer to the README in the package and to the 'Device Drivers, Features, and Commands' manual on the Development stream - Documentation page.