2008-11-25 zfcp HBA API library 2.0 ("Development stream")

This zfcp HBA API library 2.0 is new for the 'Development stream'.

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lib-zfcp-hbaapi-2.0.tar.gz / MD5 recommended (2008-11-25)


This is lib-zfcp-hbaapi ('zfcp HBA API library') Version 2.0. It is part of an implementation of FC-HBA for the zfcp device driver.

The zfcp device driver is a FCP device driver for Linux on System z. The whole implementation of FC-HBA for the zfcp device driver is called 'zfcp HBA API'. It is a shared library which provides the API defined in FC-HBA.

Version 2.0 is a complete re-implementation.

Version 1.4 of lib-zfcp-hbaapi did not have a shared version of the library; libzfcphbaapi was linked statically against the san_disc tool. With Version 2, the shared version of the library is available again.

The device file for the communication with the zfcp kernel module is not needed any more. The only interfaces utilized now are the sysfs and the generic scsi devices.





For more information refer to the README in the package and to the 'Device Drivers, Features, and Commands' manual on the Development stream - Documentation page.

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